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What is coming soon?

We have clear objectives and values. We just need your support and interest.

With the arrival of cryptocurrencies, NFT’s, and web3 in general… We have many ideas to do and we are more than convinced that we will go very far. 

We just need time.

One of our objectives is to make our Avatars known, we want people to enjoy, have fun and create a WORLDWIDE interaction with them. Currently, we have two avatars that will last for a long time. Freda and Waldo. And like you and us, they also have very clear objectives. If you want to know them better, click here.

We have a few more on our hands, but… Let time take its course, it is not easy because we are too perfectionists.

We think big. If you don’t think like that, this is not your club.

We are a club and it will become part of reality in real life.

This is when all the action will start: own buildings around the world for the development of all club activities (interconnected). Once you are a member of the club, you can access all of them. We can’t say more until we have more support from you, but the external agreements are already confirmed.

You can support us by buying our NFT’s on Opensea. They will have a guaranteed prize for everyone who owns one.

In the near future, keys to join the UXECLUB will be available for sale. In the meantime you can become a member in our Discord.

What sets us apart from other projects

We see ourselves in a long-term vision here.

Speaking clearly, we want to create a great friendly and fun community in which we all share the same values and goals. We will be more specific. If you are a person who likes to have fun, who is interested in knowing and experiment new things, who wants to try things that have never been seen; and if your goal is to go very far, whatever your field, without being stopped by anyone.… Welcome to the club.

We are planning to do new projects, and if all goes well, they will soon come to light. And believe us, they have nothing to do with what you see out there. We are different.

We and our community are committed to making sure you don’t get left behind in this new era.

We don’t settle for little. We always want more.

All member benefits are directly dependent on our members. Our team will simply make it happen with your help.