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Our community

                                             Here you are the main characters.

At UXE, we want you to know our long-term goals. And on the other hand, we want to benefit the members of the club with rewards, to make a participative and exclusive community. Here you can read about them:

What are the benefits of membership?

Direct access to club buildings around the world.

Great opportunity to meet people from the UXE club and industry with common goals

Participate in club surveys

Compete in challenges with prizes

Cryptocurrency raffle

Raffles of unique UXE pieces

Exclusive merchandise

Preview of animations before they are released

Exclusive videos of animations

IRL Events

Exclusive access to global IRL parties at the world’s most exclusive venues. Only by invitation.

Raffle for those all-expenses-paid trips.

At these parties there will be exclusive prizes for guests.

*Benefits can change, as we see what is the acceptance of our project. We will add more but it won’t be easy to get to the last one… Or will it?

How to unlock these benefits?

All member benefits depend directly on the members.  The more sales, the more valuable the reward. Our team will simply make it happen with your help.

We will provide more information on what each one consists of and how to participate as they are unlocked.

Keep an eye on our Discord channel.